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Lockett Wind Farm

Project Overview:

Using 75 General Electric turbines to generate more than 700,000 MWh of renewable energy annually, or enough energy to power almost 70,000 U.S. homes, Lockett Wind Farm helps meet the energy needs of the state by providing clean and flexible wind powered electricity. The project is supported by long-term, tax equity financing and an offtake contract.

The Lockett Wind Farm provides a significant economic boost to the local community. Over the life of the project it will contribute upwards of $70 million that will go toward the local community in the form of landowner payments and property taxes. LCE prides itself on being a good neighbor and has been an important contributor to the Wilbarger community, donating over $25,000 in support of local youth programs, food bank donations, and other non-profit contributions.

Project size: 184 MW

Location: Wilbarger County, Texas

Status: Operational