Declan Flanagan
Declan Flanagan is founder and CEO of Lincoln Clean Energy (LCE), a developer, owner and operator of clean energy projects and a part of Orsted, a global leader in renewable energy...
Vishal Kapadia
Senior Vice President, Finance & Corporate Development
Prior to joining LCE, Vishal led Morgan Stanley’s finance activities in the renewable energy space. His specific focus was on providing debt and tax...
Philip Moore
Senior Vice President, Development
Philip is responsible for the development of the company's portfolio of renewable energy projects. Philip joined LCE...
Neil O’Donovan
Senior Vice President, Technology & Operations
Neil is responsible for engineering, procurement, energy assessment and transmission. Prior to joining LCE he held various positions with NTR,...
Frank O'Sullivan
Senior Vice President, Strategy
Frank is responsible for the long-term analysis and planning that supports Lincoln’s development and operational activities across wind, solar, and storage.
Joe Condo
General Counsel
Joe joined LCE in 2017 from the law firm of K&L Gates.  He served as the general counsel of Invenergy LLC from 2005-2016.  Earlier in his career...